Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear LA Parks and Rec: LA Museum of the Holcaust Must Remain Open On The Weekend

The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust has submitted a request to the City of Los Angeles to amend the Museum's lease to increase weekend operating hours. Approximately 3,000 visitors have come to the Museum on Sundays since opening in October 2010. Sunday is their most popular day of the week. In order to better serve the Los Angeles community, the Museum hopes to open on Saturdays.

pictured: two of our LA Holocaust Survivors speaking to students

The Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recently voted to keep the Museum closed on Saturday and to push for Sunday closure. Their decision was based on a concern over a possible increased demand for parking at Pan Pacific Park. The Museum provided the Advisory Committee with a parking strategy that would not require a single space to be used in Pan Pacific Park's parking lot, but this was dismissed.

The museum was in the works for several years. I wonder why they wouldn't have anticipated this concern sooner? Most museums get the bulk of their visitors on the weekends.

Help them convey to the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners the importance of being open on weekend days! The Board of Commissioners will vote on this issue at their April 6th meeting and they can choose to ignore the advice of the Park Advisory Board.

Below you will find sample text for an email to the Board of Commissioners. Please contact RAP.COMMISSIONERS@LACITY.ORG and CC on your email.

The support of their visitors and the community will help educate the Board of Commissioners about the importance of weekend visits to the Museum.

Please also consider attending the April 6th meeting. The Museum will provide free transportation to the meeting.

Sample Email:

_____, 2011
Dear Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Board
of Commissioners,

I support the opening of the Los Angeles Museum of the
Holocaust on weekend days. The Museum is a vital part of
our community as it provides free Holocaust education to
the public. To not allow the Museum to open on weekend
days would be a mortal blow as it decreases the opportunity
for the public to visit. Due to work, the only available time I
have to visit the Museum is on weekend days. Weekends
are also the only time when I can bring family and friends to
the Museum.
Please add a personal note here:
Please provide your contact information:

Thank you for your support!

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