Sunday, February 6, 2011

KinderTransport Exhibit Opens Today at LA Museum of the Holocaust

My friends and fellow docents, Child Survivor, Michelle Gold and Holocaust Survivor and Speaker, Gabriella Karin are showing their KinderTransports installation publicly today for the first time today at the LA Museum of the Holocaust.

See some photos I took of Gabriella with the rest of the docents at a recent training where she told the story of how she came to collect over 700 black and white photos of children ages 0-17 who were saved, including Michelle Gold’s mom, who's photo is featured in one of the first train cars.

Be sure to hear Gabriella speak at our museum or at the Museum of Tolerance where she is a regular on the circuit. She also makes and wears her own beautiful jewelry. Where does she get the energy?

The exhibit is here until May, 2011. Be sure to see it when you come check out the new museum!

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