Monday, November 22, 2010

Iron Cross is a Powerful Must See

I recently saw Iron Cross at the Museum of Tolerance. It was a powerful film about a Joseph, Polish Holocaust Survivor, Roy Scheider, who returns to Germany to see his son, who has been living there for some time. (We thought our Second Generation Survivor Stephanie Oertelt Samuels was so unusual, having lived in Germany and another film offers the same premise!) Joseph runs into a man he suspects is a former Nazi who killed his whole family and plans revenge. The director of the film is the child of a Survivor who the film was based on. Joshua Newton said his dad had seen his whole family get shot in front of him and spent his life very angry. Sadly, Joshua’s father died before the film came out and Roy Scheider ironically died nine months later of the same cause.

Joshua also said that their relationship was the model for the film. Joshua’s son, and him, on the other hand, worked together on this film – his son, Alexander played the role of the young son. The film had a shocking ending that left most of the audience a bit disturbed. At least I was. However, Joshua’s film was a remarkable example of why we need more films on the subject. I asked him during the Q&A how much his budget was, since he filmed in Germany and had flashbacks that included the need for period costumes, vehicles, etc. I was curious if it was anything like our budget for An Unbroken Chain. I was shocked for the second time that evening when I found out the budget was in fact, thirty million. That just goes to show that our partner is an extremely shrewd production company – I believe that we can pull off our four million dollar budget and still deliver a high quality film. Only time will tell though. Congratulations to the Newtons on an excellent film! Highly recommended.

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