Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holocaust Survivor, 89, was Witness to Kristallnacht Almost 72 Years Ago

November 9 will be the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, which many say was the unofficial start of the Holocaust. My friend, 89 year old Henry Oertelt, was an eye witness. Henry now lives in Minnesota with his wife Inge.

Seventeen-year-old Henry was living in Berlin at the time with his older brother, Kurt, (now 95) and his mother, Else. I wrote about the details last year. In all 101 synagogues were destroyed and almost 7,500 Jewish businesses were destroyed. 26,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps, Jews were physically attacked and beaten and 91 died (Snyder, Louis L. Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. New York: Paragon House, 1989:201).

We are raising awareness our upcoming feature film, based on Henry’s book, An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust. We have been fundraising for this effort and plan to shoot the film in Europe where we can benefit by tax credits there. We've also created a 501c(3) where you can donate as little as a dollar to participate in our effort and show support. For chai or $18.00, we'll give you a credit in the film. You can see a short film here and donate on our site or join us on Facebook or Twitter for additional updates.

If you are interested in speaking to Henry for an upcoming story on Kristallnacht or the Holocaust, contact me at steph at 6mfor6m dot org.

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