Friday, June 11, 2010

Attending the American Jewish Press Association Conference ?

Six Million for Six Million is pleased to be a sponsor of the American Jewish Press Association Conference next week. We will offer a signed copy of An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust to all attendees. Please stop by our table in the expo hall on Tuesday.

In An Unbroken Chain, young Henry examines eighteen separate but crucial links in the chain of events that kept him alive and ultimately led to his freedom. From the Nazi foreman who helped him escape the Gestapo, to the SS General who gave him the medical treatment he needed Henry faces the encounters and situations that changed his destiny from ages twelve to twenty-four. Although often sad and shocking, the remarkable events of Henry’s life, as well as his amazing strength and hope, will touch the lives and hearts of movie goers everywhere.

We are optioning this book to make a feature film. Here’s some ideas for upcoming stories. We can facilitate a phone interview with Holocaust Survivor and Author, Henry Oertelt or producer, Stephanie Houser. Email us (steph at 6mfor6m dot org) or DM us on Twitter @6Mfor6M.

• Holocaust Survivor, Author and subject, Henry Oertelt is 89 years old and lives in Minnesota and his brother Kurt Messerschmidt is 95, and lives in Maine.

An Unbroken Chain is going to be a FEATURE film not a documentary.

• September 11, 1949 – Henry’s 62nd anniversary of his immigration to the US

• November 9, 1938 – 73rd Anniversary of Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust: Henry was living in Berlin and was an eye witness.

• Family angle: Henry and his deceased daughter, Stephanie Oertelt Samuels, wrote the book and his granddaughter, Dr. Corey Samuels, is an associate producer. Producer Stephanie Silverman Houser has been joined by her parents Ann and Neil Silverman to fundraise and spread the word about the project.

An Unbroken Chain is aimed at teenagers who have never seen anything on the Holocaust yet. The book was written for ages 12 and up.

• We have lined up a distributor, MarVista Entertainment and an educational distributor, Karben Publishing. 90% of finished independent films fail to do this and never see the light of day.

• Henry has been given 3 honorary doctorates and is one of only 5 (of 52,000) highlighted testimonials online at Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation’s “Surviving Auschwitz” web site.

• We created a non profit called Six Million for Six Million, to start micro-fundraising for our film. The concept is that it will take $6M to make our film. If we collect a dollar a person, we could reach 6M people with our message of hope and acceptance and raise the money in the process. If you donate chai ($18.00), we will give you a credit in our film.

• We have a commitment for one third of the funds we need.

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