Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Open Letter to the Jewish Funders Network

89 year old Holocaust Survivor, Henry and Producer, Steph

April 10, 2010


With Holocaust Memorial Days upon us, I wanted to reach out. I'm a Jewish filmmaker who's working with Henry Oertelt, an eighty-nine-year-old Holocaust survivor to adapt his book, An Unbroken Chain: My Journey into the Nazi Holocaust, into a feature film (not a documentary.) We are producing his amazing story of hope and survival to inspire and educate the next generation, as well as their families. Please accept a signed copy of his book with our complements.

I would love to tell you more and see if there's a chance I can attend the Jewish Funders gathering to raise awareness of our project. We have already raised 1/3 of our goal and secured an experienced partner, in producer and international distributor, Mar Vista Entertainment.

You can read details at our web site, the home of our non profit organization, Six Million for Six Million, I can also share an executive summary, a business plan, or a few short videos, for those who may have interest.

On behalf of my adopted grandfather, Henry Oertelt, his ninety-five-year-old brother, Kurt, and all of the remaining Survivors, we thank you for your interest and consideration. I know you agree, that my generation must be supported as we continue sharing these critical accounts.

I will be available through out the conference if you should like to meet with me, hear more and provide feedback. Thank you for your support.


Stephanie Silverman Houser
Producer, Screenwriter
602-793-6156 cell
323-774-1418 office

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  1. Dear Stephanie,

    I wish you all the best in your work and with your film. Please know, though, that the JFN conference is only open for members of JFN, or those eligible to be so ( As such, I'm afraid you won't be able to register for the conference. But, I hope that you will be able to network with those of our attendees that you know, to help connect you to others who may also be interested in working with you.

    David Ezer
    Conference Director
    Jewish Funders Network