Monday, March 22, 2010

Survivor and Steph Speak on Holocaust Together

Last night I was privileged to share the stage at Temple Solel in Paradise Valley with a Holocaust Survivor named Magda Herzberger. She is a speaker and author of several books including, Holocaust: A Survival Story. We showed our short film and talked about the progress of our adaptation of An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust.

Magda read from the following passage in her book to describe an emotional reunion with her mother after the Holocaust to her surprise and delight, had also survived.

"I couldn't sleep that night. I still couldn't believe it was true. The next morning we continued our our journey to Cluj...

We came to a big apartment house which had a gate equipped with a bell. You had to ring the bell so that somebody from inside the building could open it. My knees were shaking from my strong emotions when I touched the bell I told myself, Now you are going to find out the truth.

I rang the bell and a window opened on the second floor. I heard my mother's voice. "Who is there?"
I said, "It is your daughter coming home!"
My mother and I both started screaming hysterically due to our indescribable joy.

My homecoming was a total surprise to my mother. She ran down the stairs to greet me and opened the gate in a hurry. We embraced and kissed each other. Our uncontrolled screaming was followed by fits of crying. My companion was crying too, and finally she left, saying good-bye to us, hoping that this miracle which she witnessed would also happen to her..."

Magda's book tells of how at age 18 she survived 3 concentration camps. She told us that she promised God she would never stop telling her story, and at age 85, she was there, awing us with her energy and positivity.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, and to our organizers, The Tribe, Jewish Sisterhood, and Young Jewish Phoenix for putting this together, and to our hosts at Temple Solel. It was a memorable evening for all.

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