Thursday, March 18, 2010

Priest Dennis (the Script Supervisor) is Another Link in our Chain

“Mr. Oertelt's life is the kind of story that needs to be told, especially to the young. - and film's great power to bring those stories into people's lives is exactly the reason I am interested in film in the first place.

I am very excited about "An Unbroken Chain" and would like to be of assistance in any way I can.

Your listing on "Below the Line" caught my attention last Friday and I went straight to the library. The book was overwhelming.

As to my background, I have been a priest for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for 32 years, currently assigned in residence at St. Basil's parish. My assignment "in residence" provides a great "day job" which allows me to be engaged with filmmaking in whatever way I cook up. That has mainly been as a script supervisor..”

It has been a busy time for us. We recently opened a new office in West Hollywood and have been getting organized and starting to follow up on some exciting conversations and introductions. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from a priest named Dennis, who is a script supervisor in his spare time. Yes, only in Hollywood! He told me that he included An Unbroken Chain in his homily last Sunday, which was about how God’s faithfulness invites us forward. His experience includes The Departed and The West Wing, and he has even offered to give a copy of the book to a major star he is friendly with.

Needless to say we look forward to staying in touch with Dennis and hopefully bringing him along to Bulgaria to help out.

We look forward to continuing our momentum with some hard core networking and good karma, this project will soon get off the ground and into the theaters. Thanks for your support!

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