Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FIlm in Schools presentation at Holocaust Education Day

Stephanie Houser, producer of An Unbroken Chain, a Holocaust feature film project, and Roni Zee, the Creative Director of the Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival, spoke to a group of about 70 teachers at an all day Holocaust conference for teachers at the Bureau of Jewish Education in Arizona. Their session, "How to use Film to teach the Holocaust" covered a few selections that they offer schools in Arizona. A rep. from the festival can come out and show the film, and then we offer an essay contest. This year we are bringing "Life in a Jar" a film about a Polish Catholic woman who saved over 2500 kids from the Warsaw ghetto. The essay is, "Would you risk your life for a stranger?"

In our session to teachers yesterday, we tried an experiment - we read a description of, "A Polish Winter" and then viewed the short. You too, can see the short by downloading it from their web site.

Here are our quiz questions:

1. What did you think of the story ‘Polish Winter?’

2. Did the story move you?

3. If it did why? If it didn’t why?

4. How did you relate to the sounds described in the story?

5. Were you able to imagine the scenes in the story?

The exercise provided a great discussion. Then we showed a news segment about Irene Sendler and a 15 minute Oscar winning short, called Toyland.

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