Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rap and the 65th Anniversary of Auschwitz: A renewal of our commitment to An Unbroken Chain


Two stories caught my eye today:

In Poland, survivors mark Auschwitz anniversary

Esther Bejarano, Auschwitz Survivor, Teams Up With German Rap Group

It’s been 65 years since the day the Red Army liberated the camp in 1945, and is part of worldwide events on International Holocaust Remembrance Day - established by the United Nations in 2005 as a global day of commemoration. As you may know, my friend and our film subject, 89 year old Henry spent time in Auschwitz, as well as 4 other concentration camps. (Henry himself wasn’t liberated until a few months later in April.)

The other story from the Huffington Post also ties music into the Holocaust. Henry and his brother, who’s 95 years young, who are from Berlin originally, are musically gifted. In fact, likely one of the reasons they survived the Holocaust includes the fact that they were able to rehearse for the choir in Terenstadt, the first camp they went to, which gave them an escape from the dreary conditions and daily reality. Today, the Associated Press reported that Berlin resident, 85 year old Survivor Esther Bejarano, is teaming up with a hip hop group, Microphone Mafia, to educate German youths. Great quote in the piece: “It’s a clash of everything: age, culture, and style,” she laughed.

Speaking of music, yesterday I talked to a composer, Ronen who told me that his friend, Kat had heard about our feature film, An Unbroken Chain, and sent her resume, so he was following up, too. We are starting to receive crew inquiries from our listing in Below the Line, a resource for the entertainment industry. Interesting, I had missed Kat’s resume, even though she is currently based in Berlin, which would be a huge asset to our project. The reason is that we received so many email inquiries that we haven’t had time to go through them all yet. A few of them state in the subject line what they do professionally, but many others just give their name in the subject and in the body of the email, it says that their resume is attached. Just a word of advice to crew or anyone for that matter who is emailing about a project – make it as easy as possible for people to know what you offer. If you want, you might resend with your information in the subject line and cut and paste your resume in the email body.

We are really excited by the huge response to our project’s listing and continue to build our team for the film. Our big need today is to find a name director for the project who can give us more credibility. Any ideas?

Note: Photo of Esther Bejarano. Photo: O. Wolters/
This image was taken or made by Oliver Wolters. Description: Esther Béjarano during a demonstration in Berlin-Köpenick against the right wing extremist party NPD. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany license. (This is our blog's first use of a Creative Commons visual. Thank you Oliver for sharing this great photo!)

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