Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High School Grads Come Together 20 yrs later to Make a Holocaust Film


So, what can I add to the following news release for our readers? Well, it turns out that the President of MarVista Entertainment went to high school with the CEO of launch flix in Sharon, Massachusetts. Then, they hooked up with Lonnie Elfbaum, who provided beautiful music for their short films on this topic. Sharon High School ended up bringing these people together for a simple cause, to eradicate hate.

Someone call the Sharon Advocate!

Santa Monica, California–A new 501(c)(3) fundraising campaign called “Six Million for Six Million” ( in an effort to increase awareness about the Holocaust, was unveiled by MarVista Entertainment, an international production and distribution company.

The firm is raising funds to make a feature film with a $6 million total budget based on the life story of eighty-eight year old Holocaust survivor and author Dr. Henry A. Oertelt. Dr. Oertelt’s award-winning book is called An Unbroken Chain, My Journey through the Nazi Holocaust. Born in Berlin Germany, of Jewish faith, Dr. Oertelt was twelve years old when Hitler came to power in 1933.

This project is about educating future generations about the Jewish victims – six million fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents - who perished in the Holocaust. Like the popular documentary Paper Clips, the group hopes to raise awareness about the enormity of the total number of victims and promote acceptance.

“When addressing students over the past forty years, I have always said, if you absolutely have to hate, hate HATE,” stated Oertelt. “I am very pleased to reach even more people with this message.”

In An Unbroken Chain: My Journey though the Nazi Holocaust, young Henry experiences eighteen separate but equally crucial “links” in the chain of events that kept him alive and ultimately led to his freedom. From the Nazi foreman who helped him escape the Gestapo to the SS General who gave him the medical treatment he needed, Henry faces the encounters and situations that changed his destiny from ages twelve to 24. Although often sad and shocking, the remarkable events of Henry’s life, as well as his amazing strength and hope, will touch the lives and hearts of movie goers everywhere.

"We realized that if you can teach hatred, then you can also teach understanding. With this campaign, we want to demonstrate the atrocity of Jewish victims in the Holocaust,” said Michael Jacobs, President of MarVista Entertainment, “and ultimately use this film to educate the next generation about what hate can lead to.”

MarVista is partnering with producer Stephanie Silverman Houser, CEO of launch flix and a non profit who has started a 501(c)(3) education fund for the film project that will provide tax deductions to donors.

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