Thursday, May 21, 2009

Australian Teen Reaches Out to Henry

Henry just received ANOTHER letter from a teenager who was touched by his story. (In this photo, Henry is pictured wearing a cherished possession, a sweatshirt signed with sentiments and inspirational notes by an entire class that he spoke to in Minnesota.)

"Dear Mr. Oertelt,
May I start out by introducing myself? My name is Tasman, I’m 16 years old and am writing to you from Australia. I was not sure whether you were able to read English, so I have included a translated copy along with this letter.

Perhaps I should explain the purpose behind this letter, for the past few weeks I have been studying concentration camps and the evil that was Hitler for my modern History class. I came across your name in a book I was reading entitled “The Holocaust” by Judith Sandeen Bartel. I was amazed by the way you described your survival. I cn’t imagine the amount of courage and determination it must have taken you in order to survive the death camps.

I must ask, if you do not mind, where you found the strength to keep on living? From what I’ve read it must have been horrid. Also, what did you encounter at the camps? How was your life afterwards? I read that your happily married, I’m glad it’s worked out well.

I apologize if I have upset you at all. It is not my intention to bring up bad memories. I merely wish to understand your emotions at the time. I hope to hear from you, if you feel like discussing it.

Yours sincerely,
Tasman A."

So, Henry is reaching teens in Australia.. Meanwhile today, the FBI arrested 4 in alleged New York City synagogue bomb plot. We clearly need to make this film (and others) until we can eradicate the hate that is going on in the world..

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