Monday, March 2, 2009

Henry Appears on Twin Cities Live March 2

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An Unbroken Chain

The latest TCL Library pick is the story of one mans harrowing journey through five concentration camps during the Holocaust. His book, “An Unbroken Chain,” is about 18 events or links that created the chain that led to his survival. Now, that book is on the way to becoming a feature film. Author, Henry Oertelt joined TCL to tell us more about his story.

Henry grew up in Berlin with his older brother and widowed mother and he was 12 years old when Hitler came to power. Henry worked as a furniture maker before he was sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia in June of 1943 and then Auschwitz in October 1944. As liberators came near, Henry was forced to march to three other camps, until he was finally liberated on April 20, 1945. His brother survived the war, sadly, his mother, did not. Henry immigrated with his wife and newborn daughter to St. Paul a few years after the war and has lived here ever since.

Becoming a Public Speaker and Author…
It took 20 years after coming to the United States before Henry really started thinking about his experience. Now, he lectures to groups around the state and does podcasts for St. Cloud State’s radio station. Henry also works with St. Cloud State to digitize Holocaust artifacts. “An Unbroken Chain,” details the 18 events or chains that Henry says led to his survival; if one of these things hadn’t happened he wouldn’t have survived. Henry’s book is in bookstores now.

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