Saturday, February 21, 2009

“A Reason To Remember” at the Scottsdale JCC through March 16

Friday I joined a group of women to help put up a new traveling exhibit, called “A Reason to Remember” sponsored by the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors Group and the Bureau of Jewish Education, at the Ina Levine Campus of the Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Pictured are Elaine, the Director of the Bureau of Jewish Education, Annette, Elaine, Evelyn and Cindy.) Elaine, Cindy, Annette and myself will be docents for this exhibit.

"A Reason to Remember" was shared from Hatikvah Holocaust Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. It’s a microcosm of the Holocaust and brings it to life in a personal and intimate way because it is focused on real people who experienced life under Nazi occupation. It tells the personal story of the five Jewish families who lived in the small village of Roth. The demise of this tiny community is chronicled in detail, using primary source materials such as photographs, documents and artifacts, as well as eyewitness testimonies. It also imparts a great deal of general information about the history of the Holocaust. Visitors are also challenged by what they see in this exhibit to think critically about the choices they make when they are called upon to respond to prejudice or any other type of injustice. It is appropriate for grades 8 and up.

Herb Roth, one of the survivors of this town, Roth, Germany, will be a docent during select dates including the upcoming March 2 Holocaust Education Day at the JCC.

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