Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you a White Roser?

Last night there was a presentation at Arizona State University put on by Hillel. The author of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, Dr. Jud Newborn, pictured, spoke to us about his book which tells the story of Sophie, her brother and their friend, who were Christian students at the University of Munich that were former Hitler Youth Fanatics and ultimately became "The White Rose," the greatest heroes of anti-Nazi resistance. Ultimately Sophie and her brother distributed six different pamphlets all over Germany and Poland before being caught and killed by the Nazis. Dr. Newborn then moved into current events and sited many examples of heroes today. The White Rose group’s motto was, “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in Peace!” It was very powerful to see the first of the White Rose fliers distributed at the end of the presentation. Hillel will be showing a movie on Sophie Scholl Feb. 5, email me for details.

After the presentation I met Samuel Harris, who is an author, and Holocaust Survivor who is involved with the opening a new Holocaust museum in Chicago this spring, the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Designed by Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman, this three-part, 65,000-square-fooot building is to be the Midwest’s largest center devoted to teaching what organizers call “the universal lessons of the Holocaust.” In Skokie, along the Edens Expressway, it is scheduled to open April 19. Sam is pictured here, on the right with my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutz. Robert is a remarkable Holocaust artist who makes life masks. We look forward to hosting an event soon to showcase Dr. Henry’s Oertelt's mask.

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  1. Stephanie, thank you for recounting so accurately the spirit as well as the content of my program about Sophie Scholl and the White Rose. Your heading--"Are You s White Roser?" is exactly what it is all about--standing up today for freedom and our shared humanity, as the White Rose did under the most extreme circumstances in Germany during the Holocaust.

    I hear the notion of being a "White Roser" is getting around--someone in Virginia just reported hearing it used. I'm so glad. Thanks for spreading the good word(s).

    Good luck with your film, "An Unbroken Chain."

    Holocaust memoirs have become so common that the public may be inured to them--but "An Unbroken Chain," is unique, conveying the Holocaust and the human spirit of survival afresh for readers and viewers in the 21st century. 18 key experiences, 18 links in a chain permitting survival--and if any one link had been broken, the entire chain would have fallen apart. Fascinating, amazing, inspiring!

    --JUD NEWBORN, PhD, lecturer and author, SOPHIE SCHOLL AND THE WHITE ROSE; Founding Historian and co-creator, NY's Museum of Jewish Heritage (1986-2000).